Anabella Sahagun Interview

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We made the decision to interview Anabella because the positiveness she transmited, she was Maria Luiza´s and Jimena´s teacher at Instituto Nezaldi

1.Do you think of yourself as a positive person?

Not at first.  I had always thought of myself as stupidly realistic. However the turns in life have shown me differently.

So the answer is yes.


2.What moment made you change?

When I was diagnosed with cancer. That moment was a fast course to a survival mode. I had to stay around for my kids. And I needed to stress the part of continuing ALIVE.


3.What makes you keep your positive attitude on a daily basis?

Just being grateful for the chance of staying around. The acknowledgement of the frailty and briefness of life.


4.Have you been inspired by someone?

By my dad. He must be like the most positive person in the world.  He has always told me that worrying wont take you anywhere. Just working will solve whichever issue you might find in your way.


5.What is YOUR definition of positive attitude?

Mmm I guess being able to look for light in the darkness seems the most easy answer.


6.Does positive thinking affect your daily life?

Yes. It gives me the strength to finish my work, solve problems of daily life, but above all enjoy the paths that I must walk.


7.What’s the first step to start having a positive attitude?

Maybe to understand that we are lucky no matter what. That life allows us many chances so we have got to be grateful for them.


8.What would you say to someone that is going through a hard time in their life?

Find a meaning of whatever is going wrong. Use this strength to continue. Allow yourself to cry every once in a while. Eat chocolate.


9.Do you think it’s important to surround yourself with positive people?

Important yet not essential.  You should be able to fight negativity.  Others’ situation must not be an excuse to you.


10.Do you have any tips you can give us to stay positive?

Believe that everything has a solution. Except for death.. in that case you should not worry then because death for all is a sure thing.

Always try your best.

Make choices thinking about the consequences and have good judgment.


11.What is your opinion on people who aren’t positive?

They have not had a chance to be grateful.


12.Do you try to transmit your positivism?

Well yeah! Of course. Sometimes people are recipient of it but others do not understand.


13.Do you think positive attitude can be transmitted through your body?

I do not act for people though and do not waste my time trying to convince those who rather have it the other way. I have not walked in their shoes.


14.In your opinion being positive is a matter of attitude or personality?

Definitely 50%and 50% .personality is the motor an what makes you be you and attitude is like the gasoline in the motor.


15.Why is it important to stay positive?

For your own good and health. Also your family needs that certainty.


Ana Bella Sahagún, cancer survivor

By Maria Luíza López


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