Positive Attitude from a Buddhist Perspective


The main goal of Buddhism as a lifestyle is to help you find true happiness in yourself, and for that you have to learn how to deal with “dukkha”.
The word dukkha in Pali, means “pain” or “feeling of shame” and it refers to it as mentally, physically or spiritually. It also translates as “suffering”, always referring to being unsatisfied with things, that at the end produce suffering.

No matter what religion you practice or what your beliefs are, at some point in your life you are going to face complicated situations that are inevitable and that you find it really hard to keep a good attitude. These can vary, from loosing someone close to you or simply getting into a fight with a friend.

For moments like these there is a concept in Buddhist philosophy called “turning poison into medicine” that basically teaches us to transform negative into positive, and being able to do this helps us develop ourselves as human beings. The most important thing is how we react in the face of unfortunate moments.

How? There´s many techniques that can help us suffer less and keep a good attitude, and all of these have to do with you and your mind, how you see things, the key is to truly believe in these principles.

Here are some suggestions based on basic mantras that you can repeat on a daily basis to help you be aware of what really matters: YOU

1- Confront difficulties as an opportunity to change and be better with you and with others.

2- You have control over your mind, you decide what you keep from those negative experiences.

3- Believe that for every downside there is always a reward, maybe not immediately but it´ll happen when it has to happen.

4- Always detach yourself from material possessions and people that only damage you and stop you from growing.
And lastly if you are in control of yourself nothing can bring you down, this does not mean you can´t feel sad or cry once in a while, but it means you can suddenly get over it and most importantly learn from it to become a better person.

Some quotes that may help you feel positive at all times.

Note that great love and great achievements involve great risk .
-Dalai Lama

If our mind is dominated by anger, we would squander the best part of the human brain : wisdom, the ability to discern and decide what is right or wrong —Dalai Lama


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By Maria Luíza López


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