Positive Attitude From a Perspective.

img_0063342077I´m Jimena Valdez, and I´m 15. And i´m actually at UdeM. (the one with the black shirt)

What can I say of positive attitude?

I am a person who is not the one that is always happy, and i´m almost sure that not everyone is always happy, but there are exceptions, also positive attitude may be needed everywhere, but maybe there are situations where people prefer to be more serious about something.

Growing up i think that we lower our positiveness because we start to see new things, and we think more maturely, and in some occasions things happen that make us sadder. Also we apply our positive attitude to “useful” situations.

I think of myself as a positive person, and as far as I know some people that know me describe me as one, but not everyone, just as every human being I have my “breakdowns”, but I try my best to spread the positiveness even if I don´t feel it entirely. And instead of taking down people with me I try to seem at least serious.


What gives me a positive attitude?

I don´t think there´s an specific thing that makes me have a positive attitude, but one thing is to make others happy, not making them sad, as I said because how could someone feel if another person says “you can´t do it” or “its impossible” sooner or later you´ll get sick of that person, and which person likes to be alone? I think that when I say “I need a positive attitude” it gives me an impulse to develop it, is like when people say that you need to believe what you say either for good or bad.

Also another thing is music, different types of it, i´m not saying that all of music because for example sad music does not make me a positive person, but for example when I´m at the gym and I feel really lazy, music has something that feels like you turn a switch on and all of sudden my thoughts change and my body feels different. And I think that´s what positive attitude in general makes you feel. You see things differently, your thoughts change and you feel different in a good way and maybe that´s the purpose of positive attitude, and who doesn´t like that, to feel different and also to make the others feel the same, positive attitude can change your life radically, and it can be simple things that help you change.

By Jimena Valdez


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